Q&A: Missional Communities

What is a Missional Community (MC)? Missional Communities are a very important
part of life at Christ the King. Each MC is a gathering of people who come together to
live a life in Christ. They seek God together, care for one another, and reach out to those in need with God’s love.

Where do MCs meet? Most meet in homes but they can meet anywhere they choose.

When do they meet? Each MC determines the day and time of the week/month that works best for them.

Are all MCs just alike? No, but all are committed to a balanced lifestyle (Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples) and the leaders are “huddled”, a form of intentional discipling, by CTK Staff Member. They may refer to themselves as life groups, care groups, extended family, home groups or small groups.

Are people assigned to MCs? No, but we would love to help lead you in discerning to which MC God has called you.

What about kids? It depends on the group. Some MCs include the kids and some focus on adults.

What happens at a MC gathering? MCs enjoy fellowship, food and Christ-centered interaction. They learn and they help each other in times of joy or in times of need. They pray and laugh together and focus on a common missional need where they discern God’s call.

How do I join? Read our brochure to find a group that’s right for you (click the link at right) and call or email the MC group leader. The MC group leaders are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

How do I lead or get more information Missional Communities? Contact Jadi Meyer.