Day 9   “Way to go!”
I like watching baseball games in person.  I focus on the pitch and react to the action.  When my team gets a hit, steals a base, advances a runner, scores, makes a play, records a “K”  (you get the idea.) I will often yell: “Way to go!” Action. Response.
Worship is not the same as being a fan at a sporting event, but there are some similarities.  It is a response (ours) to an action (God’s).  It is best experienced when you put your whole self into it.  Worship is a common response in the nativity narratives (Matthew 1-2, Luke 1-2).   In response to God’s great action of sending the Savior of the World, Zechariah, Mary, Elizabeth, Angels, Shepherds, Simeon, Anna, and Wisemen, worship God.   They engage with the miraculous event by praising God. Their hearts are moved and they put their “whole self” into the response.  They respond to God’s action by speaking, singing, expressing, reflecting and giving.  “Way to go!”


Worship is a response to what God has done. 
Worship is expressed through our lips and our lives. 
Worship is expressed with our souls and our songs. 
Worship occurs when we are grateful and give. 
Worship occurs with others and alone.
Thus, a question for your day… what has God done for you?