Day 23 – Ready
Are you ready for Christmas?  It is a common question that people ask in these days.  I don’t know exactly what is meant by the question. I assume it has something to do with decorations, gifts, wrapping, food, travel, packing, etc.  I also assume it might be a subtle way of the questioner confessing that they are aware of their own need to get things done.  In any case, the question leads me to wonder, do we sometimes focus on the “tomorrow” of Christmas without enjoying the presence of Christ today?
Jesus taught his followers to live in the moment: “do not be anxious about tomorrow” (Matthew 6:34).  It doesn’t mean that Jesus is against planning.  In fact, he spoke about the value of preparation (Luke 14:28).  But planning for tomorrow is never to get in the way of experiencing the presence of Christ today.  A wise follower of Jesus once said: “the divine moment is the present moment.”   Today, Christ is with you and me. 
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  If you don’t have everything physically ready, I pray that you will rest in knowing that the most essential issues have already been addressed.   God sent his son to rescue you.  Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, you can live your best life now and forever.  Thus, when you face the stress of taking care of details, I hope you will know God’s peace.

The divine moment is the present moment.