Day 21 – Sufficient  
When I was a boy my pre-Christmas anticipation was fueled by a 2-inch-high and one column wide notice on the front page of the Galveston Daily News.  In the month of December, this small piece of printed real estate captivated me with its daily countdown of the number of “shopping days left until Christmas.”  I felt a sense of excitement coupled with a mountain of juvenile expectation.  Those unrealistic expectations often went far beyond what my parents could afford.  In fact, one year, I was extremely disappointed that the presents under the tree did not align with my Christmas wish list.  That immature discontentment resulted in a selfishly sad day Christmas Day.  I vividly recall withdrawing from my family and pouting in isolation. 
I wish I could say I got past all of that.  In one sense, I have.  I am definitely not so immature and unrealistic. But, I still can be selfish and function with subtle expectations that prevent me from focusing on God.  During these times of struggle I am moved by the image of the Lord of the universe lying in a manger.  I am grateful for family and friends who are examples of contentment.  I am inspired by God’s word which calls me back to a life of thankfulness.   Instead of leaving me in the misery of my selfish desires, the Lord is teaching me that he is sufficient far beyond my limited vision.  As the Lord has been teaching me about shifting from my expectations to His, I regularly encounter a curiously inspiring truth. 
This truth is rooted in the first commandment (no other gods) and Jesus’ teaching about the priority of life (seek first the kingdom).   This truth invades my mind and is not easily dismissed.  Here it is…
“He asks too much to whom God is not sufficient.”   
I invite you to slow down and be curious about what God might be teaching you. “He asks too much to whom God is not sufficient.”