Advent Day 2 – “Dirt”
The Advent season is filled with décor.  Décor is generally not a masculine word.  A masculine word in contrast to décor is dirt.  Dirt is what we learned to play in as boys and learn to manipulate as men.   Dirt is the foundation under the foundation of your home.  Dirt is the substance which is necessary for your yard to look good.
Dirt, it is what God used to form Adam.  Humans were shaped from the dust of the ground.  Then, when God came to rescue humanity, He got dirty.  He became a dust-based human.  He entered our world not at a distance. He got his hands dirty.
A connection for you and me who are listening to God to experience what He wants for us?  The life of following Jesus is not so much décor on the surface.  It is deep down, basic stuff:  a) receive God’s love, b) love God, c) love others.  It is the blocking and tackling of life which doesn’t make the ESPN highlight show. 
I am writing this on the weekend after the death of George H. W. Bush (41).   Many accolades are being written about this man.  What stands out for me – faith & family.  The core of his life was a devotion to the basics.  Yes, many other notable accomplishments occurred on top of these basics, but the unglamorous foundation – faith (following Christ) and family (loving others) seem the strongest to me.  President Bush’s life is an example of a life built on good honest dirt. 
As you listen to Jesus during this advent season, is he saying anything to you about the dirt, the basics, the foundation for your life?
The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  John 1:14