Day 16 – proskuneo
A Greek word for your day: proskuneo (pros kyn eh oh).  It means “to bend the knee,” “to bow down” or “to prostrate oneself before another.”  It is translated into English as “worship.”  When Matthew described the awe-filled reaction of the magi (wise men) to Jesus, he emphasized their humble attitude. 
“And going into the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped (proskuneo) him.  (Matthew 2:11)  
Worship involves the act of humility, bowing down, and submitting yourself before another.  The magi bowed down before a little baby.  They set aside any sense of self-importance and knelt in awe before this God/man, this infant King. It is noteworthy that Matthew used another action word prior to proskuneo.  The magi “fell” and they worshiped (proskuneo) before the child.  My interpretation: the magi were so moved, that they immediately and without any sense of propriety, fell to their knees.  Then they placed their foreheads on the ground in reverent worship.
When encountering Jesus, the magi responded with humble submission.  When you and I consider the Son of God who came to rescue us, our response is also humble submission.    Kneeling or bowing of the head is an outward sign of this submission.  But more importantly, the submission of the heart is paramount.
If you struggle with this submission, look to Jesus.  If you can’t seem to let go of your self-importance, your opinions, or your need to be in control, look to Jesus.  Come and proskuneo (worship).