Day 14 – Com forte  

Come = with.
Forte = strength. 
Forte as in fortress.

Forte as in fortitude. In Isaiah 40 we read: “Comfort, comfort my people says your God.”    

Comfort: com (with) forte (strength).  Isaiah’s prophecy emphasized that the coming Messiah would bring strength to God’s people.  God’s people, who were captives, were given the hope that God would come to their place of weakness.  In the larger picture, the Messiah’s arrival brought hope to a weak and sin-sick world. Com forte. Where do you sense God wants to bring strength to your life?  
I assume that you know you are not invincible.  I assume that you recognize personal areas of weakness.   Yes, you and I often try to deny that we are weak.  Yes, you and I frequently attempt to tough it out and make do on our own.  But, when we are honest with ourselves and God, we know we need com forte.  We need strength. It’s God’s strength that caused the incarnation (God becoming a man).  It’s God’s strength that led Jesus to willingly die for you and me.  It’s God’s strength that raised Jesus from the dead.  It’s God’s strength that brings forgiveness.  It’s God’s strength that enables you and me to resist the enemy.
Here is a prayer suggestion:

Lord, forgive me for fighting the battle on my own.  Please give me your divine strength to live as your son.  Amen.