Dear Parents,


I praise God that you value the importance of your child following Jesus. Your decision to bring your child into the family of believers, your choice to have them receive the gift of Baptism, and your efforts to teach them about Jesus, are all very significant for your son or daughter’s experience of the abundant life that Jesus promises. 
I imagine that you are aware of the many challenges to faith your child receives. Consequently, I sense that you want them to learn how good it is to live with their identity built solidly on Jesus Christ.  I pray that all we do as a body of believers will help you in this life altering perspective – Jesus is central to everything. 
To help families continue to experience the power of Christ’s presence in their lives we are offering an annual “Jesus in Your Home” refresher course.  This course is a series of 3 sessions for parents of 4th graders and younger.  Parents who attend this course will gain insight into simple, yet profound, behaviors which reinforce the love and forgiveness which Christ has for every type of family system.  As part of this course parents will have an opportunity to bless their child with age appropriate “Faith Legacy” reminders and resources.  
The first three-week “Jesus in Your Home” course will occur May 6, 13 and 20, from 9:20 – 10:05am in the CTK Sanctuary (Worship Center).  Childcare is available for children 3 and under. Older children may join “Next Gen Kids” in the gym at 9:10am.  
If you choose to follow-up the three-week refresher with a “Faith Legacy” blessing *, we will have that blessing in both worship services on Sunday, June 3.  
I hope you will join me.  To help with planning, please email your intention to be present along with the number of children you expect will need childcare (  Let me know if you have any questions.


God Bless you and Your Family,


Pastor Al


Faith Legacy blessing options (Sunday, June 3) 
-Age 1 and under – Faith Chest
-Age 2 & 3 – Picture Bible
-Age 4 & 5 – Worship Kit
-Age 6 & 7 – Servant Kit
-Age 8 & 9 – First Bible